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At 16, he's a CEO, Investor, Consultant, and Motivational speaker!

Jaylen Bledsoe is a motivational and inspirational speaker on Youth Entrepreneurship, Following Dreams, and many other topics. He has spoken at events by Disney, NSBE, and Junior Achievement. He's gotten your Keynotes, Break-out Sessions, and Workshops covered!

Jaylen Bledsoe

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Jaylen's entrepreneurial mindset has been known to inspire audience members of all ages. Participants in Middle School to Retired Executives love his topics!

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Jaylen recently joined the Walt Disney Company, Steve Harvey, and Essence Magazine at Disney Dreamers Academy to inspire 100 students to follow their dreams. Jaylen is also scheduled to speak at Facebook this summer, presenting to FacebookU participants and FB interns!


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Youth Entrepreneurship

Jaylen has immense experience in the world of Entrepreneurship as a successful young CEO and business owner. Since joining Independent Youth in 2013, he has surrounded himself around 17 other nationally recognized teen entrepreneurs to develop his skills & presentation on youth entrepreneurship.

Non-Profit Development

Jaylen has worked with the National Youth Rights Association in Washington, DC as President focusing on reestablishing the national brand and creating a financially stable organization. He also serves as a Junior Board Member of Independent Youth, which is now in talks with Google, Facebook, and Disney to secure strategic partnerships. In 2014, he joined Jordin Sparks' Charity: The M.A.D. Girls, Inc. as a consultant focusing on Business Development.

Chasing Dreams

In 2014, Jaylen spent a weekend in partnership with Disney to inspire youth to follow their dreams. He has crafted the perfect presentation on how and why youth should follow their dreams entirely!

Youth Empowerment

Jaylen understands that no matter your age, with the right amounts of dedication and hard work you can reach the stars.

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My Disney Dreamers Experience


I’ve been back home from Disney Dreamers Academy for two weeks now, and I have just been thinking about how awesome of an experience it was.

First off, here’s a little background information on this event. Disney selects 100 “Dreamers” out 10,000 applicants from an essay competition for the Academy. They then fly the 100 Dreamers plus one guardian to Walt Disney World for the 4-Day Academy free of charge. The students go through rigorous courses where they learn more about Dreams, success, and experiences in their “dream” career path.

When the program was originally erected, Steve Harvey stated they selected 100 at risk youth. However, this year I noticed 100 of America’s best high school students, and Steve reiterated this at the closing ceremony. While speaking during the Entrepreneurship Career Deep Dive, I met some intelligent youth, all following their dreams rather it be wanting to be a non-profit executive or a stock broker.

One of the students I met, Anthony Davis, has been running a phenomenal non-profit since he was 10 Years Old! Isn’t that amazing? Often in society, we expect that our youth care more about making and spending a dollar on themselves, rather than helping someone else out. Breaking the stereotypes, over 90% of the students in that room wanted to start an organization just to help someone else out.

Oh, and before I forget, by the time I landed back in St. Louis, Anthony had already sent me an email asking that I serve as a board member for his non-profit. Without a pause or thought about it, I said YES. Because the duties of a board member may be time consuming, I really  have to think about it and analyze the organization thoroughly. I didn’t have to do that in this case, and the reason is that  I saw great potential in what he can do for our society, and I want to invest my time in him.

After our career deep dive sessions, the students presented their new knowledge at this Science Fair styled event, called “Career Open Mouse.” These students spoke on topics ranging from Entrepreneurship to Culinary Arts to Disney Imagineering. This was amazing as each career deep dive was led by industry experts, so they walked out with tons of knowledge and next steps.

By the time the commencement ceremony ended, everyone left with greater motivation to follow their dreams. The dreamers heard from a dozen or so celebrities about dreaming, and a dozen or so celebrities heard from 100 dreamers about dreaming. Not only was this a motivational experience for the 100 dreamers, but it was an experience for anyone that walked through the doors.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who left Walt Disney World with even more reason to push for success and follow my dreams!

I can only hope that I’m invited to speak to the Disney Dreamers Class of 2015 next year!


Hard Work Makes the Dream Work!


View original and complete post here: http://jaylenbledsoe.com/2014/03/disney-dreamers-academy/


I was recently walking down the hallway at school , when I saw a poster that said,

A Dream

+ Hard Work

= Success

I immediately began to think about, if I’ve ever had success without a dream…

Later that evening, I heard a radio personality say that,

“Dreams don’t have to stop when you get out of bed”

Seeing that poster and hearing the radio personality talk about dreaming, really made me realize something. Without a dream, we aren’t working towards anything.

Let’s look at back at some of your accomplishments from 2013.

You married that beautiful/handsome spouse of yours… Well, that was your dream, right?

You received that promotion at work… Well, didn’t you dream about that one day?

And that new Rolls Royce you bought… I’m sure you dreamed about that, right? Or maybe you’re still dreaming!

Every piece of success, that we have ever had, is thanks to a dream we’ve had. When you dream, you’re preparing your mind to achieve a goal.

Think of your brain as a GPS. You have to enter the destination, YOUR DREAM, so it can begin to calculate a path, YOUR PLAN, to getting there.

What happens if you don’t have a destination in your GPS? It simply shows where you are, at the moment, not where you’re going. It’s not giving you directions to go anywhere, right?

What if Dr. Martin Lr. King Jr., didn’t have a dream for equality in our nation? His GPS didn’t just say,

Currently living with DISCRIMINATION

it said,

Currently living with  DISCRIMINATION, going towards EQUALITY.

After reading this, I want for you to go Dream and set the Destination for your GPS. I hope to see your GPS calculating the route for your success soon Remember that there is no destination without a dream… Your DREAM, is your DESTINATION. 



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At only 16 years old, Jaylen D. Bledsoe (born March 26, 1998) is an American Entrepreneur, Investor, Technology & Business Consultant, Award Winning Videographer, Philanthropist and Youth Rights Advocate. Bledsoe is the founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of The Jaylen D. Bledsoe Bledsoe Global Group (Formerly Bledsoe Technologies, LLC) in St. Louis, Missouri. He also serves as a Board of Director for the National Youth Rights Association in Washington, D.C., Jr. Board Member of Independent Youth, and Board Member of Multitasking Hearts Corp.. Bledsoe is also the Director of Business Development for a Jordin Sparks’ Charity, The M.A.D. Girls, Inc..